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Ben Barnes Icon Challenge
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Icontest dedicated to the talented actor Ben Barnes

by the modsquad.

* You may submit upto 3 icons
*Icons must fit LJ's standards. (100x100px, 40kb, or smaller)
* Brushes,textures, stock images,blending etc, are all allowed. No animation please.
* Post your icons in the challenge post, all entries are screened.
* Icons must be submitted before the deadline stated in the challenge post
* All icons must be new and especially made for this challenge. Don't post your icon submissions until after voting has ended
* If you entered and did not vote you will not be eligible for placement - we will be lenient with this rule because we do get RL getting in the way of things.
However if this seems to be a consistent issue with someone submitting but never voting we will enforce this rule.
* Make sure your icon is on a reliable server.Photobucket works very well.
*Please submit Icons in the following format:






If you'd like to pimp the comm in your LJs/Comms etc, we'd love you for it. Feel free to grab one of these banners (relevant code is below image).




* Do not vote for yourself (what loser does that anyway)
* Voters will be asked to vote for 3 favourites.
* Voting has to be in order because votes will be weighted.
Fave1 will get 5 points, Fave2 will get 3 points and fave3 will get 1 point.
* Each week there will be a special voting category such as colouring,crop or negative space.
* After each challenge 1st,2nd and 3rd place as well as an overall mod's choice and a winner of the special vote (crop, colour etc ..) will be awarded
*In case of a tie the icon with the most 1st place votes wins. If these are tied too the icon with the most 2nd place votes wins. If *everything* is tied both icons will share the winning spot
* Mods will not be eligible for mod's choice


where it's due.

profile codes: palebird
css: minty_peach.